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  Application Process  

Admission Anchor
Steps to admission:

1. Submit the Prospective Student form below.
Once the form is submitted, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

2. Complete entrance exam and interview.
The entrance exam will be administered on campus by one of our teachers. The parents/guardians will interview with the principal while the student is tested. Interviews can also be scheduled to be at a separate time. The entrance exam fee is $50. The parents/guardians will then receive the child’s admission notification.

3. Pay Registration, Books & Materials Fee | Sign the General Policy Statement
The Registration, Books & Materials fee is due at the time of registration.

Documents Required for Admission:

1. Birth Certificate

2. Immunization Record
3. Official Transcript from previous school

4. Non-refundable and non-transferrable registration books & materials fee.


1. TB Mantoux - Kindergarten & First Grade Entry       

2. Polio - (4) doses

3. DTP/Dta/DT/Td2 - (5) doses at time of school entry

4. MMR - (2) doses are kindergarten entry

5.Hepatitis B - (3) doses are kindergarten entry

6. *Varicella (Chicken Pox) - (1) dose or had disease with date


The County of Los Angeles recommends a second Varicella vaccine.

Each year, all students currently enrolled must re-register for admissions for the following year at the interim of the current school year. 



For New Student Only*

Upon enrolling, mention this coupon and receive $200 off registration.

Prospective Student Form Anchor
Prospective Students
If you are interested in enrolling your child in Glenoaks Christian Schools please submit the form below and we will contact you to schedule a tour of the school!

Success! Message received.

Wooden Shoe


Kindergarten to 5th Grade

Grades 6th to 8th







Middle School

Ages 2 to 5 years old


FACTS is a MANDATORY automatic tuition withdrawal system. All tuition and Daycare fees must be
made through FACTS. FACTS, a system to automatically withdraw tuition, daycare, and extracurricular activity fees from your bank account. FACTS Tuition Management requires an annual set-up fee and banking information. Only those on FACTS have access to a variety of payment plans and to avoid the risk of late payment fees.

Click here to access or create an account.

If you have any questions about FACTS, please contact the main office at (818) 365-1513

Financil Application
  • English Language Arts
    Glenoaks Christian Middle School guides students to dive deeper into their understanding and build strong communication skills. Our student-centered, teacher-inspired classroom uses a learning blend of print and technology. Students focus on becoming stronger writers and critical thinkers through analyzing quality literature, meaningful activities, oral presentations, and purposeful performance tasks.
  • Math Programs*
    Glenoaks Christian Middle School Math Program consists of both a regular and accelerated path. We incorporate a blend of print and text allowing all students to have the opportunity to experience mathematical concepts in real world scenarios and progress to a higher level of achievement. 1. The regular track provides a strong foundation for high school Algebra. 2. The Accelerated path is designed to advance students in completing a high school course in Algebra or Geometry by the 8th grade.
  • Science
    Through the Next Generation Science Standards and project-based learning, students are launched into a process of hands-on discovery. Socratic dialogues, hands-on experimenting, and prototyping provide students a real world experience as they are placed in scenarios where they investigate phenomena and design solutions to problems. Program consists of Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. 7th Grade Topics: Discovering matter, Energy and Earth's Materials, Glaciers and Earth's Past, Cell Functions and Cell Division, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, and communication Technology 8th Grade Topics: Matter and Movement, Earth and the Solar System, Molecules to Organisms, Inheriting traits, Human Genetics, Changing Environments, Transforming Energy and Waves and Information Transfer
  • History
    Through a biblical world view, students are taken around the globe to identify the economic, governmental and societal structures of empires from 300 AD to 1600 AD. They begin with the Fall of the Roman Empire and end with the Renaissance. Along the way, students hear the voice of God as He speaks through missionaries like Columba, St. Patrick, and Cyril. Continuing from the 7th grade, students will dive into American History as they explore the constitutional convention and the history of our nation from the Civil War and Reconstruction. As their history course comes to an end, students will reflect on what is to come, as outlined in the Book of Revelation.
  • Religion
    Let's praise and worship our God. Students participate in Chapel every week as they delve deeper into the studying the word of God. Experience an intimate Bible study as they learn to read, interpret, and make connections to the Bible shaping toward becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Technology
    Technology is a key resource integrated throughout our core curriculum. With this additional enrichment course, it offers a creative approach to the use of computers through project based learning. Students get hands-on by composing travel guides and brochures and even get a sneak peek of what it is like to be animators as they design their own video games. Journal writing couldn't be more fun as we implement newsletter activities based on student's interest. Our computer program allows us to build on their foundation and to open them to a world of possibilities, tapping into the imaginative side of technology.
Financial Application Process

Tuition Assistance for Glenoaks Christian Schools has been implemented for families with limited resources who meet the established guidelines.  We believe that qualified students who desire a Christian education at Glenoaks Christian Schools should not be turned away because they cannot pay the full tuition.  Therefore, a tuition assistance program has been established for families in need, who value quality education and share in the vision of our school ministry.


Please review the attached guidelines and application carefully.  All documents must be completed and verified before the information can be reviewed by the school board and make their decision.

All information pertaining to tuition assistance is completely confidential.  If tuition assistance is offered, we expect the terms and details be kept confidential by all parties (school and applicant).


It is advised that the applicant make a copy of the application and all documents submitted for your records.  Glenoaks Christian Schools will not copy or return the application or documents once they have been submitted.

All applications will be reviewed by the School Board and the applicant will be notified once the decision has been made. Tuition assistance will be applied for the following month once after it is approved.


The family must notify the school immediately if the finance situation or conditions change during the school year and they no longer need all or part of the assistance.


Please understand that this is not a discount program but a system to really assist the family/student with absolute need.

Please read the following guidelines and see if you qualify.

    If you think you qualify, please come to the office for TUITION ASSISTANCE PACKET!


If you are a child(ren) of a Pastor at an approved church,please come visit our office to see if you qualify!  

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